"Start your own Wigs or Hair Extensions Business or become our factory dealer in the city where you live and KosherSheitels Wigs & Hair Factory & School will support you!"
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Our Jewish Family Factory has been producing maximum quality Jewish, Medical, Fashion and Celebrity Wigs, Toupees, Hair Extensions, Wefts and other Hair Wear products including accessories internationally for years – privately manufacturing for distinguished dealers and shop owners that you know and trust in the USA, Israel, Europe, Australia, UK and South Africa – and presently, World Wide.


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st. joseph's   "Three percent of pediatric office visits are children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments or alopecia. Forty percent will never regain their hair again. Among our customers are also adults, both women and men. The last thing they need on top of their present suffering is to be forced to wear an unrealistic, hot, and heavy wig to add mockery and insult to their already damaged self-esteem and spirit. Thank Heaven for KosherSheitels and Ran Fridman who has designed the ultimate, state of the art and 'cutting-edge' Remy Front Lace Wigs for our medical clientele here at our oncology and pharmaceutical boutique."  
st. joseph's   "If you are a Sheitel Macher like me and my customers, you're going to love the Sheitels of Sarah Wigs, produced by KosherSheitels Wigs & Hair Factory and School. Amazing quality, styles, colors and affordable prices. Best of all is the reliable and authentic Hechsher provided by Orthodox Rabbi Avrahaim Shlizenger, shlita and Rabbi Mordechai Gross, shlita. In the past, my dealership has really suffered from the invalid and fraudulent kasherus certifications of other factories. Finally, there is a Jewish Family factory that we can all trust!"
st. joseph's   "My shop relies and trusts the Fridman Family name of KosherSheitels Wigs & Hair Factory and School. On five different occasions, from five different factories, 'supposedly kosher' I ordered samples and paid top dollar for them. What I received in the shipments were shocking, low-grade wigs of inferior quality and materials. The wigs were mixed with synthetic hair that melted when I styled them, the curls and waves disappeared after washing, and on two occasions the hair was mixed with 'horse-tail hair' confirmed by an expert. Now, my shop places faith solely in the Fridman Family for the manufacturing of our own exclusive and gorgeous wigs and hair products."
st. joseph's   "KosherSheitels & Wigs Factory; Beautiful Sheitels for the Beautiful and Devout Jewish Women of my Boutique. We feel at ease that there is conclusively a valid and acceptable Sheitel with Hechsher, a genuine Jewish Family manufacturer for my own line of wigs that I can have complete confidence in their products, enough to put my own label representing me and the private customer base I service. I am always sold-out of my own brand as well as the Sarah Wigs I carry by request."
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